The game made for Global Game Jam 2021

It's essentially Snake. The idea is you've lost your marbles and are collecting them. The more you collect the more excited you get, which means your speed gets faster. You can collect jumbo marbles which are very colorful marbles that cause your speed to drop and you lose some of your tail. 

I had a lot more planned for it, but I'm still very new to javascript and HTML game dev. This is the first digital game that I made for Global Game Jam that wasn't a text adventure. I used a few online tutorials to help get things going and modified them to fit some of the changes I wanted to make. 

You have to refresh to restart the game. 
You could say the Quality is lost on this one as I have found several bugs in the game so far. 

Collect the red to increase speed and score. 
Collect the flashing color to decrease speed and tailsize. 

Updated 13 hours ago
AuthorJoe - Overland Gamer

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