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A very rough roll and write game. Seeds fall to the ground. It's up to the player and the dice rolls to strategically roll and write their way to prosperous plant growth. Starting from the seed phase as the seed makes it's way to the new location. The sprout phase where the plant finds it's plot. The germination phase where the plant begins to TAKE ROOT, all the way through the different seasons. 

How high can you get your final score as you press your luck in this roll and write game? 


Take Root (2).pdf 2 MB

Install instructions

It's a PDF. Enjoy. 


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At some point, I'll get with a graphic designer and update the location areas to be a better visual. Keeping with the plant lifecycle theme. Kind of a fun way to show how plants grow. 

This game was inspired by the Utopia Engine from Nick Hayes. Definitely go check their game out.