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You do not know how the journal came to you. You only know that they came with a chilling feeling. It calls to you to fill it’s pages. 

Gameplay happens with the turn of cards and writing in journals based on what the cards say.

The game will have each player draw cards from the deck. You will write passages based on the suit and number of the card drawn.  When you have completed the passage the next card is drawn. Certain cards will make you trade the journal to the next place. 

The object of the game is to have fun telling a series of ghost stories. When the deck runs out, or your main characters pass away, or go insane, the game is over. One last passage is written.

You will need a standard deck of playing cards, a journal and writing utensil for each player. 

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Ghost Hunting Tales - A Journaling Game - Spoopy 2021.pdf 98 kB

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